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Courage is often mistaken as a road best traveled alone





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When an athlete becomes overly fearful it's easy to believe that aggressively pushing through will work for any athlete that has a strong enough will power or desire. While some athletes respond to the push with success, others are broken by it.


Thankfully there is a way to get success without the risk of breaking some athletes to hopefully fix others. There is a process that can help all athletes deal with fear without the strong likelihood of further damage.


The development of a strong courage based mentality allows for athletes of all levels to progress faster through skill ladders. With self preservation remaining as a primary focus, corrections and adjustments take second place and are only achieved after the mind is satisfied that the first objective is met.




I believe that the process of teaching courage and overcoming fear can be done in a way that is second to none in effectiveness, and does not encroach into the realm of low level bullying of the athlete. A process that is respectful and honors the athletes internal drive to succeed in a way that brings self motivation back to its most powerful inner state. (the coach should not be using their energy to motivate the athlete from the outside, we have higher uses of our time)


To sum up:


  • effective
  • improves skill acquisition
  • lowest risk of increasing damage
  • respectful
  • increases athletes internal motivation
  • improves relationship between athlete and coach
  • athletes courage spreads into nearby athletes





Proud father of two beautiful girls, Justice is a senior elite gymnast of 10+ years. He believes that it matters how we fix our problems so we don't create additional or worse problems as a result. He believes in these 4 core values

  1. Prioritize Pride in Persistence
  2. Excellence in Everything
  3. Attitude first, Actions second
  4. Respect Everyone

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