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Courage is often mistaken as a road best traveled alone



Logan Dooley

Olympian 2016, 2012, 2008 USA Gymnastics - Trampoline


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Jennifer Parilla

Olympian 2004 USA Gymnastics - Trampoline


In 2003 I had qualified to my second Olympic Games. One day during training, this young and interesting young man came in to my gym and asked if he could watch me train. I told him, "No, but you can train with me". I have honestly never seen such a will to learn, to improve, and such immense work ethic amongst an athlete that earned his place amongst Sr. Elite trampolinists in the years to follow meeting him.


How I got through fear and obstacles as an athlete: When we are young, we are fearless; we don't know any better. Then you arrive to teenage years and feel fear as an athlete for the first time, more aware of the danger you could possibly be in while jumping and flipping 30 feet in the air. This happened to me; the 'aha moment' of the fact that I could get hurt doing my sport at the highest level. The ways that I was able to overcome such fear as an elite athlete was by visualizing, breathing to stay calm, and positive self talk. Sometimes your mind may question a skill, in a millisecond, but you have to trust that your training and your body knows what to do. You must relax and let your physical body do what its been trained to do- train as if you're competing and compete as if you're training was a motto I came to live by in my later years.

Of course, also, my favorite music before performing always helped. Treat competitions like you are performing a show - less stress and more fun.


Observing Justice coach my athletes at a clinic: Justice has a way of dissecting skills to break them down to where kids can understand the 'why' behind the skill.

Everyone learns differently, we all know this. Justice is able to connect with kids by showing them how and why each movement happens. It's important to understand whats happening 'behind the scenes' by breaking down skills because it builds confidence in the athlete.

Neil Gulati

11 time National Team Member - USA Gymnastics - Trampoline


"Justice has helped countless athletes learn how to handle fear in an achievable and sustainable way, myself included."



Huiying Wang

Olympian 1984 - China - Artistic Gymnastics


I think by your age you still have your dream and also you worked so hard


That's really awesome reason to tell people you are a brave athlete


You need the courage to overcome your age to bring the burden of your body to adhere to every day of training


This is a great challenge in itself


I have been on behalf of the Chinese gymnastics team participated in the 1988 Summer Olympics, in my gymnastics career in 1987 and 1988 two years of hardship is unforgettable, because of age reasons I began to increase weight from 1987, for my competitive state Is a fatal blow, and in order to compete for the Olympic Games also need to continue to increase the difficulty of complete sets of action value, so I encountered an unprecedented challenge.


I have to control my weight in a reasonable range and increase the intensity of training to increase the difficulty, I have encountered difficulties in the training of the balance beam is afraid of one of the difficulty of action, because once fell, but I have to overcome the psychological barriers Break through their own, to obtain the qualifications of the Olympic Games competition. First of all I continue to encourage myself in the heart I can complete this action, and continue to carry out the idea of ​​training, when I do the idea of ​​training to repeat the correct action, while in daily training need to promote their own to be strong, Have any hesitation.


After about three months, I finally overcome the psychological barriers, successfully completed the difficult skill and was selected for the Olympic team.


Summary: people will be able to effectively control their own actions, when you continue to give their positive hints, will continue to enhance your self-confidence to achieve their dreams


Positive attitude is very important


Sometimes the biggest enemy is yourself


To overcome their own to overcome the difficulties


The reason why many athletes are unsuccessful is to lose confidence



An important factor that does not lose faith is a positive mindset



Justice at age 39 is one of the bravest athletes I know. He has to daily overcome the challenges that age places on the body. To maintain his dream, he keeps a positive mindset to overcome the biggest enemy of self. He does not to lose confidence.


Robert Null

Olympic Coach 2004, 2016 USA Gymnastics - Trampoline


Justice "No Fear" Frangipane. Justice was born without a fear gland. As a youth growing up in the Midwest he would dive headfirst out of a second story window to see how deep the snow was. He would play hopscotch on recently frozen over lakes to test out the ice thickness. As he got older he found the sport of trampoline. A song was written about him called "Secret Trampoline Man" -- "Trying tricks that no one else would try" -- "tricks that are not pleasing to the eye" -- "he lands a lot on his head and not on the trampoline bed" -- "odds are he won't live to see tomorrow". As you can see after Justice living through all of these things without a major injury he is definitely a repository of fearless behavior and can instill this type of courage in others.

Daria Lenz

USA Diving national team member 2017



Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Yet, fear is so much more than that. Fear crawls into the brain and stops you from doing something new like a spider catching a fly and never letting it go. As a diver for more than ten years, I have experienced my fair share of fear. As I have gotten older, I have slowly learned to accept my fear and push it out before it takes control. However, recently, I have started to learn trampoline skills in order to help with my diving. This new experience of jumping and landing on my feet on the ground instead of going head first into the water was strange to me. I always liked the comfort of the soft, clear water, instead of the rough, hard trampoline. I was lucky enough to have Justice as my trampoline coach. When I started trampoline, I sucked. I wasn’t a natural bouncing around in the tiny red square. I felt as if I had no control over my body. After a couple of months of focusing on basic drills, I had begun to get used to trampoline. I started to like it because it had become familiar and it wasn’t scary anymore. After I, along with my teammates, had gotten comfortable, Justice asked our group to challenge ourselves and do a front flip with a full twist. Thoughts jumped around in my head as I imagined the worst possible outcomes: landing on my head, getting lost in my twist, landing off the trampoline. The list goes on. Nevertheless, I went on the trampoline and tried to learn the new skill. Every time I went up, my hands started to tremble and my heart paced rapidly. Justice recognized my fear, and knew exactly how to fix it. After practice, he talked to me and told me that new skills are scary, but he firmly believed that I could do it. This was the first time I really trusted Justice. He had more confidence in me than I had in myself. The next couple of months were difficult as I continued to challenge myself. Every so often I got it right, but the next couple of tries I reverted to my old habit. Looking back a year later, I have learned many trampoline skills that have tremendously helped my diving. In addition, I have learned more about myself and my mentality from Justice. He has taught me to challenge myself not only physically but mentally, and most importantly, believe in myself.


    - Daria

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